Every day, we help our clients find opportunities to cut costs and create efficiencies through better collaboration with supply chain partners.  If your entity needs a commodity or service, CostSmart will source or develop it, manufacture or acquire it, manage it and deliver it. Our complete supply chain expertise also includes Analysis, Storage, Distribution and Warehousing.

Whatever you’re buying, we’ll help you source and procure goods and services in ways that boost competition and compliance; saving you money, minimising risks and creating efficiencies. CostSmart also combines purchasing volumes to achieve greater supply chain efficiencies.

CostSmart believes in long-term relationships. Our ongoing contract management, review processes and ‘C code’ methodology delivers real results. Choose something we offer and we’ll stick with you to make sure you get maximum value from it.

We’re able to procure goods directly from manufacturing sources and hold/distribute goods to internal cost centres as required ensuring correct cost allocations and budget achievements.

Continual negotiations directly with manufacturers enables:

  • CostSmart Traditional manufacturing partners to focus on the actual production and provision of products and services at highly competitive market rates.
  • CostSmart to achieve significant cost benefits without the middle tier supplier margins
  • CostSmart to deliver proven Service efficiencies
  • CostSmart to offer transparency in all manufacturers negotiations and revolutionises the traditional supplier network of hidden margins and rebate structures.
  • CostSmart to offer profit share arrangements with our client partners.

CostSmart is also able to offer the following key components with deliverables:

  • Custom Online Ordering and Stock Management systems. Read more about our Online Ordering systems.
  • Live Reporting across the supply chain
  • Australian Wholesaler Access
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Complete Product Management
  • National and International Desktop Delivery

So take a look around…. Everything we do is designed to help you be more collaborative, strategic and creative in business commerce. Working with CostSmart you can make a bigger impact within your company, and in turn, within today’s exciting economy.